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Setting Up a Christmas Tree


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

7am to 11pm Seven Days a week 

When do you open for 2022?

Friday 18th November at 5pm.

What type of trees do you sell?

Norman Fir Premium and Standard quality. Norway spruce, Scotts pine and occasional Frazer Fir.

What are the different types of trees?

Fir trees are undoubtedly the most popular Christmas tree today, Great shape and excellent needle retention and the best choice for those wanting the tree up early. Spruce trees are the traditional Christmas tree with smaller needles that do shed, has traditional Christmas tree smell but won’t last as long as a fir tree. 

What do the difference in grades mean?

Nordmann fir trees are graded 1 to 4 by growers. First grade being the best, Second grade same tree but maybe not as full and bushy as 1st grade and so on. Second grade will be between £10 and £20 cheaper than the first grade. Most retailers sell grade two and three trees.

Do you offer a delivery service?

Yes, we aim to try to deliver same day or next day. Delivery charge depends on the distance. Local delivery is £10. 

Do you offer telephone payment & delivery service?
In certain circumstances we can, but we much prefer people to come in and choose their own tree because each tree is a unique shape and size.

Is there help to get my tree to the car?

Yes, our staff are happy to help. 

When is the best time to come into northern?

Any time is good. Many people like to come in weekday evenings when the lights are on and to avoid the weekend rush. 

How do I care for my tree?

Please see our tips and care advice page on our website.  

When does Northern close?

Normally around 22nd - 23rd of December, or when we have sold out which may be earlier.

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