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Christmas Tree Decorating

How do I look after a potgrown living tree?

1) Potgrown trees are suitable for indoor and outdoor use but try keep them away from direct heat e.g. radiators

2) Water regularly but don't over-water as this can suffocate the roots. 

A general rule of thumb is when the top inch of soil in the pot feels dry it's time to water.

3) All pots have holes in the bottom for draining. Please ensure you have something underneath the pot to catch any run-off and avoid getting water on the floor.


4) When the festivities are over your pot-grown tree can be re-potted, planted in a garden or recycled along with cut trees.


5) The success rate of replanting our potgrown trees is very good as they have a full and intact rootball - however we cannot guarantee the success of replanting as this depends on many factors.  

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