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How Do I Look After a Real Xmas Tree?

  1. If you aren't putting your tree straight indoors leave it somewhere cool like a garage to garden with the butt in a bucket of water.

  2. Keep your tree well watered throughout the season. Don't spray the branches with water - keep the tree stand topped up with water.

  3. Keep your tree away from direct heat; radiators etc. this will cause the tree to dry out more quickly.

  4. Allow your tree to stand for 30 minutes before decorating but give it water straight away. Warm water is best.

  5. When decorating your tree try to hang any decorations a few inches into the tree rather than on the tips of the branches. This will help keep the shape of the tree and prevent the branches drooping. 

  6. When it's time to take your tree down get in touch with a company that will collect and recycle it for you. We post local organisations and charities who offer collections each year on our social pages. 

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